Ensof Capital: Real Estate Investment Specialist

EnSof Capital is an SGP, Portfolio Management Company, which has assembled an experienced team dedicated to investment investing in the real economy.

The assets sought aim for a long-term return objective, indexed and benefiting from a decorrelation with most other financial asset classes, while preserving the capital invested while ensuring regular returns.

EnSof Capital specializes in corporate real estate, SGP has set up an operational organization in accordance with the standards imposed by the AIFM directive.

EnSof Capital obtained its authorization on November 28, 2019 under the number GP-19000042.

Its main missions concern:

  • the Constitution and Management of SPPICAV
  • Fund Management and fund structuring
  • Investment and Financing Advice
  • Asset management under mandate or club deals


  • Rental Real Estate
  • Offices, business premises, shops, etc.


  • France

Customers: Institutional investors (insurance companies, investment funds, pension funds, etc.), large companies, family offices and professional private clients.

Why EnSof Capital?

The group

All funds under management have AMF approval, which provides security for investors.

The Management Team

Our team has extensive experience in the real estate markets and has proven itself to identify and seize opportunities in the main real estate markets in France and abroad.

Market access

The networks we have established with institutional owners, developers, banks and asset managers allow us to access off-market transactions that offer a significant advantage.


Our organizational structure is optimized and enables a rapid decision-making process and has the capacity to rapidly deploy the resources necessary to conclude a transaction.

Access to bank financing

We have developed close relationships with a wide range of banks and have successfully leveraged large volumes of bank financing for the acquisition and refinancing of existing portfolios.


With medium-sized funds (€ 100 million in capital), we are flexible in our approach and have the possibility of reassessing investment strategies according to the market environment.

Skill set

We combine real estate expertise with financial and analytical skills. Our platforms integrate real estate asset management teams, financing specialists, legal, tax and accounting teams.

Knowledge of the local market

We have in-depth knowledge of the markets in which we invest thanks to the talent of our experienced team and our partnerships.

Core and value-added strategies

We use a two-pronged approach for our investments: one “core”, based on premium investments, allowing regular income, and the other, “value-added” whose value creation focuses on appreciation capital through monitoring proactive rental management and targeted renovation spending.